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Welcome to the

William Floyd
Counseling Center

Healing Hearts, Restoring Faith

Prayer Counseling Center

The  William Floyd Center is a ministry of Park Valley Church that specializes in both professional counseling and certified coaching and mentoring for adults, children, families and couples. We offer a wide range of services, from professional licensed counselors who charge for their services, certified coaches and mentors who offer free services and pastoral counseling that is also free.


As a Christ-based center, all counseling is true to our faith and the teachings of the Word, that God has revealed to us, and what we can know about Him through a personal relationship with Jesus.


If you are looking to speak to someone about life’s issues, if you feel there is an opportunity for you to move beyond your current circumstances and you are looking for options,  hope and understanding, call us to set up an appointment.

Call 703-712-1409 to schedule an appointment and for more information

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